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Sayo Lipman, a native of Japan, started playing the piano at the age of two and the harp at the age of nine. She graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music High School and continued her studies at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, where she obtained her Bachelor in Harp. She was the 3rd prize winner at the Advanced Division of the 8th Japan International Harp Competition.

Upon her graduation, she pursued her studies at Indiana University (USA.) with Distinguished Professor Susann McDonald. She completed her master's degree in Harp as a full scholarship recipient. She also obtained  both Artist Diploma and Performer's Diploma. During her studies at Indiana University, she was awarded  the Performance Certificate - the greatest honor granted by the School of Music, to outstanding students, on the basis of exceptional recital delivery. She also taught as an Associate Instructor for the harp department of Indiana University, for a period of two years.

She has  given numerous solo harp recitals, as well as performances with regional orchestras, both in Japan and the USA.

She currently has a busy private studio and has taught at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith on a long term basis. 

In 2006, Sayo Lipman and Sebastien Lipman formed the husband and wife duo "Lipman Harp Duo". As such, they have performed extensively nationally and internationally over a hundred concerts. In 2006, they released their first CD "Harp Fusion" and have released, internationally, their second CD in late 2007 for the Naxos label. Their third CD " Arpeggio" was released in early 2009 for the Harmonious Resonance label and this was followed by the release of a forth CD entitled "Dualite". 

In April 2008, they toured, from Brisbane to Cairns, and, in March 2009, they have undertaken their first world tour (Tokyo, Paris, Cairo, Washington, Toronto, Salt Lake City).

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リップマン 紗葉(さよう)
Performance Certificate を受賞。またマクドナルド女史の助手として2年間インディアナ大学ハープ科の